Holy Baptism is full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ's Body the Church. It is a public statement of one's intentional decision to follow the way of Jesus. In the case of infant baptism, it is the parents' declaration of their intent to raise a child in the way of Jesus and the Gospel. Read More
We congratulate you on your recent engagement. Please download the following marriage policies that guide us here at Emmanuel. Read More
Reconciliation of a Penitent

Jesus said to them “Peace be with you.” He breathed on them and said: "Receive the Holy Spirit – if you forgive the sins of any they are forgiven them.”

God yearns for our return and our own inclination to ask for forgiveness stems from God’s yearning. We experience forgiveness/reconciliation in our common worship. We can also confess our sins in the Rite of Reconciliation of a Penitent. Please refer to the Book of Common Prayer page 446.

Sacramental Ministry to those who are Homebound

The reception of Holy Communion for any parishioner who has recently been released from the hospital or is homebound for any reason can be arranged at any time. Please call the church office to make an appointment.

The Anointing of the Sick takes place every Wednesday evening at our Healing Service. Again for anyone who is seriously ill or homebound this sacrament is also available at any time. Please call the church office. For reference, please see the Book of Common Prayer page 453.

Funerals are scheduled through the church office with one of the clergy who will assist with all the arrangements. The celebration can take place in the church or the chapel. Members may also be buried in the church columbarium. Read More