The Vestry Covenant

We the vestry of Emmanuel Church, promise to honor God by nurturing the spirit and ministering to God's people. We will support everyone's gifts for service and leadership made possible by God's grace. Ministry to the poor will be at the center of all we do. We promise to welcome with Christian hospitality all persons and to offer opportunities to all to grow in faith. We will strengthen ourselves through faithfulness in worship, daily prayer, and stewardship of our time, talents, and treasure. We will foster love and joy in God's service.



 The terms of the following end in December 2018:

IMG_0861 2016 new vestry pic 2 2016 new vestry pic 3 2016 new vestry pic 4
          Randy Forester                                Bill Fox                                         Rob Hoyt                              Terrie Seward

The terms of the following end in December 2019:

anna Martha carter jan         
        Anna Alexander                     Martha Babendrier                   Carter Stanfield                          Jan Wheeler

The terms of the following end in December 2020:

katherine IMG_0950 Kerry Kelli Neil
    Katherine Alexander                             Bob Davis                                         Kerry Hogan                                Kelli Neil

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