This weekly program from 9:15am-10:30am allows youth the opportunity to explore the truth, goodness
and beauty of Christ. Encouraged with scripture, tradition and reason students are invited to engage
their faith critically, while understanding its role in their daily life.

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Mission projects open youth to the experience of Christ in their neighbor.
Parish and Diocesan opportunities offer youth a nurturing environment to
step outside of their comfort zones.


Every first and third Sunday of the month students come together
for fellowship and fun. Events fall anywhere between 12:00pm
and 7:00pm somewhere between Athens and Atlanta.

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Confirmation is student's personal response to the Holy Spirits
presence in their life. For those who choose to respond there is
an 18 week guided journey through the Episcopal faith and the
pillars of the one, holy catholic and apostolic Church.
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Through this ministry students are invited to participate in the
sacramental and liturgical life of the church. This act of service
is a great way for students to come to know Jesus Christ through
corporate prayer.
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From camping to the beach, students are invited to escape
he hustle and bustle of everyday life to be present with Christ
and each other. Each semester there is a retreat that focuses
on a particular aspect of faith, from prayer to life in the Risen
Christ, students are offered multiple opportunities to exercise
heir faith.
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