History of Emmanuel


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The New England style church was completed in 1843.                                   The interior of the New England style church after 
The print has deteriorated and the steeple is obsured.                                      the 1879 alterations.
                                                                                                                             History picture 4
History picture 3                                                                                    First installed in the old church at the                                                                                St. Matthew Chapel is located in the corner of Lumpkin and Clayton streets                                                                              South transept of the present day
in 1873, this window was moved to the                                                                             at Emmanuel Church. The Chapel
present church when it was built in the                                                                              altar was the altar in the New England
late 1890s. The window was the gift                                                                                  style church at the corner of Lumpkin
of the children of the Sunday School.                                                                                and Clayton streets. 
A complete description of all the
stained Glass windows is available
as part of the photographic tour of the

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Temporary chapel which was built on the rear of the                                           Oxen belonging to Robert L. Bloomfield, hauling
new site on the corner of Prince Avenue at Pope Street.                                     stone for the building of Emmanuel Church in  
                                                                                                                              the 1890's.      History picture 7

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Emmanuel in 1899 before the addition of the Bloomfield Tower

History picture 9                                       The interior of Emmanuel circa 1899. Note the
                                          Emmanuel window over the high altar. 
                                          History picture 10

The new Recotry was occupied for the first time
around Christmas of 1906. This photo was taken
many years later and clearly shows the line of new
masonry added in 1924 and the face of the cornerstone
moved at the time of the addition.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     A view from across Prince Avenue showing                
Emmanuel and the Rectory.
                                                                History picture 11                       
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The Old Parish House was completed in 1911. It faced
Pope Street  
                                                                                                                          It burned out shell of the Old Parish House.
                                                                                                                          Easter Day 1978
History picture 13

The Guild of St. Francis of Emmanuel was founded
in 1974 by Peggy Banner Allen. The Guild has
assisted in the creation of many beautiful gardens
surrounding the church.

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